For Parents

Parent support is always available at The Bridge for Youth.  If you find yourself struggling with your relationship with your child, or need advice on how to become a better parent, or if you simply need to talk through a difficult situation, call The Bridge for Youth and ask to speak with a counselor.  Phone and walk-in counseling is available 24/7.

All services are free of charge.

What Parents Say About The Bridge for Youth

“I am grateful for The Bridge for helping me with my son.  No one would work with him – but The Bridge was here to help.  He’s making lots of good changes and I’m working on improving how I communicate.”

“You welcomed me and my daughter without judging us.”

“The Bridge has given me help to become a better parent.  I don’t react so much anymore.  I am a better listener.  Now I  respond instead of reacting.”

The Parent-Child Contract

I will always be with you.

I will keep you safe from harm.

I will respect you as a human being.

I will attach to you for the rest of our lives.

I will view you as my life extension.

I will notice, acknowledge, and accept you for who you are.

I will respect your decisions and opinions.

I will guide and influence the formation of your values and behaviors.

I will always support you as a person.

I am responsible to you.

I will always support you as a person.

I will provide you with the nurturing to grow and develop.

I will work for your best interests.

I will plan for you to succeed.

I will never leave or abandon you.

I will make the best decisions for you that I can and until you can increasingly make those decisions for yourself.

I will increasingly provide you independence as you develop.

I will allow you to make mistakes.

I will never hurt you directly or indirectly.

I will be responsible for myself and my own behaviors.

I will offer praise, encouragement and support unconditionally.

I will offer suggestions, ideas, opinions and options.

I will love you unconditionally.

I will be sensitive to and considerate of all your ideas.

I will be sensitive to and considerate of all your feelings.

I will accept your limitations and focus on your strengths.

I will accept it when you disagree with me.

I will allow you to know when I make mistakes.

I will seek to understand you more than be understood.

I will let you experience your childhood.

I will give you opportunity to play.

I will love you when you don’t feel you love me.

I will focus more on changing me than you.

I will learn from you.